Michigan Chamber of Commerce Supports Mary Kelly for Michigan Supreme Court

September 14, 2020 – The Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced today its support for Mary Kelly for the Michigan Supreme Court.

In a release, Arny Rodriguez, Michigan Chamber Political Action Committee Chair and President and CEO, Technical Professional Services, Inc. said “Michigan Chamber members are focused on electing candidates who will ensure Michigan has a fair and balanced Supreme Court. With so many important and complicated issues coming before the Court, voters need confidence that those ruling on precedent-setting cases are dedicated public servants’ whose only intent is to be fair and impartial.”

Mary Kelly said, “I am humbled and grateful to earn the support of the Chamber of Commerce. I believe in the rule of law and equal justice under the law for all those who come before the Court. These principles are the foundation which allow us all to have confidence in our system of jurisprudence.”

“A stable, predictable legal climate is a key factor in Michigan’s economic competitiveness,” said Rich Studley, President and CEO of Michigan Chamber. “At the Michigan Chamber, we know from experience that job providers can win a public policy battle in the legislature only to lose the war in court.”